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His fans remember him as Cecil "Homeboy" Lyde, an artist whose musical talent has been unmistakable since he was three years old. At the age of ten, after winning a talent contest at the Club DeLisa, Chicago’s celebrated night spot, he was offered contracts by several major recording companies. Wisely turning them all down, his mother encouraged Cecil to finish his education instead.

Refining his skills during his teen years, Cecil began to work with many of Chicago's great musical talents of the time. Curis Mayfield, The Chi-Lites, Gene “Duke of Earl” Chandler, Major Lance and Barbara Aklin were among his early musical mentors. Otis Leavell, one of the leading figures of Chicago soul music, taught him how to produce and record. "Music has been in my soul all my life," he says.  “I knew when I was very young that I was put on this earth to share the talent God gave me”.
The Capitol records release of his regional hit with Experience II, “‘Bout Time I Told You” convinced Cecil a move to the west coast was necessary to take the next step.  Adopting his stepfather’s last name in tribute and liberated to pursue his own vision, he embarked upon a solo career, refining his studio know-how along with his ever- increasing musical output.

Utilizing the genius of many of L.A.’s finest session players, over the next twenty years Cecil produced and recorded five classic R&B albums. The rise of the internet has sparked worldwide airplay and overdue appreciation for his brilliance. Audiences and aficionados from Beijing to Great Britain have discovered his unique style and made him a favorite internet radio artist, his earlier albums now highly prized by collectors.

Greatest Hits/Ole Skool Classics for the first time combines all the best of Cecil’s work, including the European smash hit, “I’ll Make It On My Own” as well as vintage material, some not available since its initial release. Greatest Hits/Ole Skool Classics is a look back at the career of a legendary R&B artist.

Interview with Cecil Holden...

- When were you born and where is your birthplace?    
I was born in Chicago, Illinois USA, Sept. 20, 1948.

- What did you grew up listening to?
I listened to Doo Wop Groups, Blues, Jazz and Gospel

- What is your musical background like?
My parents played old 78rpm and 45rpm  records and like most black singers I start singing in church

- What group is "Experience II"?
In 1973 I landed a recording deal with my group "Experience II" we recorded (2) single for Capitol Records "Bout time I Told you" & "Try Me" unfortunately the group broke up before the album was finished.  Only one song was released and that was "Bout Time I Told You"

- What group is "LYDE, FISHER & GILES"?
Rick Giles, Larry Fisher, Bruce Fisher and myself grow up and sang together in Chicago, IL. Bruce Fisher left the group and wrote songs for "Billy Preston" at A&M Records, Rick Giles wrote (Fair But So Uncool) for "Earth, Wind & Fire," Larry wrote and sang with his uncle the late great "Ed Townsend."

"I Always Love You / Serve Me Right To Suffer" (HAB) was recorded at United Artist Records in Hollywood, CA in 1979.  I was working on an album with my Homeboys (Rick Giles, and Larry Fisher) I finally found the lost tapes so I put together another soul classic CD from those recording sessions.  The CD is entitled "Homeboys / LFG". 

- What singles/albums have you released until now?
I moved from Chicago, IL to  Los angeles, CA in 1979 and produced my first solo album "Stonefree" and in 1981 wrote and produced "Homeboy & The COL (the cost of living) a 45 single was released "I'll Make It On My Own" and became a hit on the northern soul movement  (Goldmine Records) in the U.K.

- What do you think about the US music scene and the music industry nowadays?
I think the music is over produced and and too much importance is placed on videos.  Video has become more important to young people then the music (audio).  So I would appear that you don't need expert musical talent to make music.  I had to learn to play several instruments and sing background before I was able to produce and good product.  Now, you only need know how to work a computer to produce a product and the computer does all of the work.  When I worked at Chess Records in Chicago,  the whole band recorded at one time, including the horn section and then we added strings later if needed.

- Is there a young artist/group you like ?
I like (BABY articleCE)  They say he looked like (me) when I was Younger.  He is a great song writer and producer

- Are you planning any recording or releasing your CDs?
Yes, I am in the process of releasing all of my works and I am looking for major distribution  for my entire catelogue. Can you help me? 

- Would you like to say something to your fans?

Yes, thanks for keeping original soul music alive. All recording artist of today have been influenced at one time or another by original soul music, which came from the blues or gospel.
p.s. Music is our universal language, so keep the music playing
peace & blessing

Cecil (Homeboy) Lyde aka Cecil Holden

   Greatest Hits / Old Skool Clasic R&B (US-CD, Alwest, 2003)  
Gotta Make Music
Come Back in My Life
I'm Gonna Bounce Back
Be My Girl
Moneys Funny
I'll Always Love You
Funk Yourself to Death
Love Was the Cost
Is That the Way to Your Heart
Ms Fort Knox
Love Connection
You're My Everything
  Hard Fightin Soldier (US-CD, Alwest, 2004)   
Hard Fightin Soldier
What Does It Profit a Man
Do You Believe
I'll Be Listening
Jesue Is Waiting
Everychild Running For Jesus
He's the One
God Gave This World
Choose Your Seat
I Thank You Lord
Praise Him
  Nu Jak Steppin  (US-CD, Alwest, 2007)    
Nu Jak Steppin
2 I Want Your Body
3 love connection
4 We Got It Going On
5 I Call The Shots
6 Be My Girl
7 Are You Lonely
8 Gotta Make Music (Instru)
  Soul Just Aint Enough (US-CD, Alwest, 2013) 
I'm Gonna Bounce Back
Blues Just Aint Enough
Keep Working It Out
Gotta Get Some
Traveling Man
I Call The Shots
I Care For You
Love You All Night
Miss Fort Knox
Love Was the Cost
Rock N Roll HomeboyG

Stone Free featuring Cecil Lyde
(US-LP, Aladdin HB-92048, '80)
Stone Free featuring Cecil Lyde
(US-LP, Aladdin West HB-92048, '80)
Side 1
  1. Stone Free(Freak With Me)
  2. I'm So Glad I Found Your Love
  3. More Love
  4. Is That The way To Your Heart?
Side 2
  6. Money's Funny
  7. Keep Dancin'
  8. Million Dallar Love
  9. Funk Is Here To Stay
Side 1
  1. Stone Free(Freak With Me)
  2. I'm So Glad I Found Your Love
  3. More Love
  4. Is That The way To Your Heart?
Side 2
  6. Money's Funny
  7. Keep Dancin'
  8. Million Dallar Love
  9. Funk Is Here To Stay
Home Boy and The C.O.L.
(US-LP, Alwest HB-92050, '82)
Home Boy and The C.O.L./Out Break
(US-LP, Alwest HB-92051, '84)
Side 1
  1. I'll Make It On My Own
  2. Money's Funny Change Is Strange
  3. You and Me
  4. Are You Lonely
  5. Home Boys Revenge
Side 2
  1. Funk Yourself To Death
  2. Can't Get Enough
  3. Time To Change
  4. You Bring Out The Love
  5. Love Was The Cost
Side 1
  1. You Turn Me Out
  2. When Will You be Mine
  3. La La (Means I Love You)
  4. Pleasure
Side 2
  1. I Saw You Dancing
  2. I Don't Want To Be A Movie Star
  3. Happy Feeling
4. Money's Funny Change Is Strange
Singles (except on Aladdin and Alwest label)

  Experience II
'Bout Time I Told You Baby / Freedom Train (Capitol 3634)
  Lyde, Fisher & Giles
I Always Love You / Serve Me Right To Suffer (HAB)

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